Friday, 29 September 2017

Science fair

Gummy bears 
Science fair :I have really enjoyed finding out which liquid makes gummy bears big, My hypothesis was right and I also enjoyed finding research, painting my bored and finding out what they are made out of. A gummy bear is a lollies that can make you on a sugar high. When I was testing I figured out that my gummy bear in vinegar will fade into vinegar and it will look like it's just vinegar but there  is gummy bear in the vinegar. The baking soda in water makes no change and it still stays the same, water the water gummy bear will get bigger and it will also grow bigger than the others.

Leaving a gummy bear in water for an hour makes a big change and then the gummy in baking soda will have no change and there will just be a normal size gummy bear sinking to the bottom of the cup.
If you leave the gummy bear in your liquid for 24 hours you will see a big change  to the gummy bear in baking soda and the water.I want to find out if a gummy grows bigger in vinegar or baking soda and water. I am interested in this because I love gummy bears. I also am curious to see what will happen. bears and just really wanted to find out what was going to
happen. I also liked my science fair question and I really enjoyed testing and having fun just trying out this experiment.


Production Annie
This week Monday and Tuesday was production, I really liked the production and I think that all the roles where done really well. I had heaps of fun selling tickets and I also thought that the orphans costumes where very 80's style and awesome. I also really enjoyed helping with the back drop and the poi. I thought that Annie stood out and that she was bubbly and cheerful that she was just doing her best,.I really liked the bus and the fish and chip shop there look so cool on stage I also like the lighting and I thought that it was very cool when the stage was lit. I also really enjoyed doing front of house and selling items. I also really liked my outfit because it was bright and really cool. I also thought that our back drop look amazing, I really like the color that was painted on the back drop. I also had fun drawing my 80's poster and making it look amazing.


Today room 7 went to hockey and we also learnt skills like dribbling, juggling, we also learnt how to juggle and play games, Joseph the interact  I had heaps of fun learning new skills and playing games. I also hurt myself when we where  learning how to how to juggle the hockey ball on the hockey stick. My favorite part of hockey was playing the games and learning new skills I also found it fun and I think that I would love to play hockey one day again.  I really like playing and I think that it was awesome I also  found the juggling tricky at the start but it got easier every time I would practice juggling the hockey ball on the hockey stick. 

Friday, 2 June 2017


Why we love Pirongia
We love Pirongia Because our community
Full of people that
Care,like Olivia

If where in
Ever in trouble we have
Someone to run to.
Is a place where you
Can make more
Than friends.

I like Pirongia because
The mountain will
Never leave

And I will not stop
Climbing till
I reach

The summit.

By Sharnika 

Friday, 19 May 2017

plastic cycle

Plastic Cycle
Each year 56 billion plastic bottles are generated in large factories around the world
Only 20% of plastic bottles are recycled and the rest of the plastic bottles end up in landfill, or in the ocean and rivers.

The bottles are transported to 700-1000 kg bales, then they are prepared to be handled by forklifts. After that the bales are broken apart and the plastic bottles are put onto a conveyor belt. The newly shredded chips are delivered to a paper separator. Secondly the chips are moved onto another conveyor belt  that takes them to the water bath. Thirdly the soap is added to 170 degrees water, that removes the remaining  contaminants. Then the chips are taken over to the dewatering station which washes all the leftover soap that is on the chips. Once the chips are washed the chips are moved over.

It is moved to the dewatering station where they wash the soap off the chips then they are moved over to the rinse bath. After the PET chips are removed from the rinse bath and are now taken over to the heated dryer and they are getting ready for packaging, once they are packaged they are ready to sell.

Although the number of plastic bottle are heading our ocean and rivers we still need to look after our plant so that it does turn into a plastic world. The plastic bottles have been killing our  animals  because we are not looking after our plant and that we are just catching our rubbish on the ground and we are not picking it up.

Friday, 5 May 2017

Gummy bears

Gummy Bears
Why do gummy bears get bigger in vinegar and baking soda?
I think that this is a good project for me because I love testing things out with lollies. I really like the idea that how does a gummy bear grow bigger in vinegar and baking soda and why doesn't it grow bigger in plan water. I think that the gummy bears are cool to a science fair  project with.

Monday, 3 April 2017

integrity games

Integrity Games
On Friday I really enjoyed playing master tag with the Tawa team students and getting to know them. I had so much fun running around with little kids. I think my group need to change the game and not tag each other on the knees. I think we need to tag below the waste or under, I found it quite tricky to tag the little kids on the knees. During the game the little kids were still full of energy and they didn't complain that they were tired  and that they didn't want to stop playing. The rules were that you're only allowed to tag them on the knees or under and your not allowed out of the square.
If you tag them on the knees they have  to sit down.My favorite part was chasing the little kids and trying to tag them on there knees, I had so much playing with the tawa team students.I felt a really tired after playing master tag.

Friday, 10 March 2017

the mountain

The Mountain
We don’t need to push through
The mountain to get to  the other
We don’t need to run because
Of the heavy misty  rain
Able to climb,
Then we look back at what  we climbed
The mountain
Made it ,
We should just push through the hard parts,
We have finally made it, we are at the
From Sharnika

Friday, 17 February 2017


The Pirongia Forest Loge
On Wednesday We went to the Pirongia forest loge,  My group work as a team when  we  were doing the conferring cores, We  got our oreneting  done well with our team that we had we also had the best shooting.  I was so nerves that I would  loose my  bows underground, I was really looking forward to the flying fox. But then I fell down a bunnies hole. I had the best day but then we I fell in the bunnie hole it was not the best day. The climb wall it was scary at first I was so scared to climb but I did it  in the last point. Yeah I made it half way then I wanted to come down.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

First week at year 7

Being a year 7 is so scary, when I fsday irst walk in to my new class  room I was so scared. I have miss N as my teacher. i am so scared to go  for house caption this year and I am a  bit scared to go for  some rolls in Kawaka team, I  am  excited  for the pirongia forest loge next Wednesday. I am very excited for the sailing  day.